How to select project to build?


I wondered how to select which project of the workspace is build?
I alreadyy found this thread of Sep.18:Community Entry

I tried openeing a file from the project I want to build and also closing everything else, and all the other stuff mentioned in the thread. Unfortunately it only builds the first project in the workspace. Is there a way to select the project to be build without the need to remove everything else from the workspace?

I use: PlatformIO 5.0.4 core, Home 3.3.1 in VSCode on a Win10 Pro

PS: Thanks to the PlatformIO team, despite this, everything works great for me, nice job!

I’ve also experienced project selection to be a bit whacky sometimes. My usual procedure is to open (double-click, not single click preview in the explorer) the platformio.ini of the target project, works in most cases. In some cases I just open the platformio.ini of the target project and restart VSCode, the right project will be selected on startup.

It seems lile this issue. We will investigate it soon. It looks like VSCode broke API which we use to determine active project.