How to run " reconfigure" from within platformio

Hi All,

I am currently using an ESP32-S2 devkit with the esp-idf framework. I am trying to get the usb working on it, but in order to compile, the documentation states that i need to use the IDF component registry to install the esp_tinyusb library, as stated here how to do so.

I have noticed that the builder tool does not automatically download the packages, but as stated in the link, you need to run “ reconfigure” in order to pull the packages. I accidentally stumbled on the fact that running the menuconfig command in Platformio will pull it, but that’s not a good solution for use in a CI/CD.

Any help would be appreciated!

See Espressif IoT Development Framework — PlatformIO latest documentation

If you use PlatformIO IDE for VSCode, there is also a shortcut in the Project Tasks.


Thanks for the response. I am aware of how to configure the esp_idf in platformIO. What I am more looking for is how to run the command to download external libraries from the IDF Component manager? I have created the idf_components.yml file with the following content:

## IDF Component Manager Manifest File
    version: "~1.2.0"
      - if: "target in [esp32s2]"

And according to the idf documentation I posted in my first post, you need to run: reconfigure

But of course, platformio obscures access to the script. So I was wondering if there is a built-in way to run that command in platformio, like with the menuconfig command?

I would just download the library and store it permanently in my project, but the main issue with that approach is that I may not want that library for a given build, since the USB lib does not work for the regular ESP32.