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How to publish a specific version of my library? One was skipped

How do I get the registry to automatically pick up a new release for my package? It seems to have skipped the regular non-snapshot version.

The URL : GitHub - ssilverman/QNEthernet: An lwIP-based Ethernet library for Teensy 4.1

Here’s the order of events:

  1. Push version 0.16.0 and ensure library.json and contains 0.16.0 as the version
  2. Tagged as “v0.16.0” and as a new release on GitHub (name “0.16.0”)
  3. Update the new version to 0.17.0-snapshot and push this new version with the relevant library file changes
  4. The registry now shows 0.17.0-snapshot as the latest version.

How do I get the registry to pick up the 0.16.0 release? Do I need to wait a day next time before pushing the “nextversion-snapshot”?

I did this to delete the 0.17.0-snapshot version:
pio pkg unpublish ssilverman/QNEthernet@0.17.0-snapshot

I can’t seem to find a similar command to publish my 0.16.0 version. Is there a way to do this?

Side question: Is there a way to have the registry behave similarly to the Arduino library manager, where it picks up latest releases?

I think I may have figured it out. I did these steps:

  1. git checkout v0.16.0
  2. pio pkg publish and followed the prompts

Nope, that didn’t work, because it took all the files, even ones I didn’t want published and put them in the install. I tested with:
pio pkg install --library "ssilverman/QNEthernet@^0.16.0"

I just did this to start again:
pio pkg unpublish ssilverman/QNEthernet@0.16.0

Now… how do I install v0.16.0 from github or have the registry pick up this release?

Oh, no… once I unpublished v0.16.0… I don’t think I can get this back. How do I re-publish the library, but without all the erroneous files (I suspect the --undo option puts back all the original, erroneous files)?

You need export — PlatformIO latest documentation

Please note that PlatformIO follows a .gitignore file if your repository contains it. You can check “what will be packed” with the pio pkg pack command.

P.S: The previously published versions were removed. Please try again.

Thank you for these tips. I have re-published v0.16.0.

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