How to point multi dir for c file?

Hi there,
I am trying to compile a project with multi src file in multi dir. (I need add Core/Src, USB_DEVICE/App, and USB_DEVICE/Target to the project, but now I only add the first one by src_dir)
I don’t know how to add all of them to the project.
Could you help me?
Thanks a lot!

I’d point src_dir to a common parent directory in [platformio], and then add multiple filters to the build_src_filter setting in [env:...]. Or else perhaps add multiple filters using relative +<../../etc...> specifications.

See src_dir — PlatformIO latest documentation
and build_src_filter — PlatformIO latest documentation

Hi @jcw
Thanks for your reply.
I already try the build_src_filter, but it seems not working.
I check the document about build_src_filter:

This option allows one to specify which source files should be included or excluded from src_dir for a build process.

According to the doc, I think this item’s config range is just the file in src_dir.