How to monitor the output of Serial.print() through simavr under the CLion Platformio plugin on Windows 10

I’m using CLion and the Platformio plugin on Windows 10 to develop programs for an Arduino Nano. The debug build works as expected. When I click the Debug button in CLion, simavr and gdb run and my test program stops at the debug_init_break = tbreak setup. I can then step through the code, view variables and set new breakpoints as required.
However, I would like to monitor the output of my Serial.print() statements and I cannot find out how to do that.
Redirecting output doesn’t seem to be an option as CLion (or Platformio) starts the simavr process rather than me starting it manually.

Can anyone help please?

See How to simulate serial port on debugger simulator?. I don’t know of any other way than executing the simulator in a CLion terminal to get the UART output though.

Thanks for the reply, I had read the suggested entry but by executing simavr in a terminal I will lose the Source level debugging that CLion provides. Without knowing how CLion, Platformio, simavr and gdb communicate with each other I’m probably stuck. It’s still usable without the serial monitoring though.
Thanks again.