How to lock to arduino-esp earlier version

I know this should be basic… but, , the things I have tried have not worked.

When arduino-esp32 moved from 2.x to 3.0, the timer commands were changed in a big way
Migration guide Timer section

I have code that I need to maintain using older version of arduino-esp32

I have tried things like:

platform = espressif32@2.0.13

in platformio but can’t get that to load.

What is the correct way to drop back to the last arduino-esp32 2.x version?

Thank you!

Already discussed here on how to find out what platform-espressif32 version matches to what Arduino-ESP32 version.

Especially to be noted is that PlatformIO does not officially support Arduino-ESP32 3.x yet. The latest is 2.0.14, with the current platform = espressif32@6.5.0.

Thank you. I had no doubt this had been addressed previously but my search skills failed to find this answer. Every time I think I have gotten to the end of the internet, I am wrong.