How to install PIO Remote Agent

I cannot find instructions/documentation on how to install the PIO Remote Agent. The docs say the following

Run small and cross-platform PIO Remote™ Agent on a host machine and you will be able to list active devices (wireless + wired)

How do I install this remote agent? Do I need to install the full PlatformIO Core?

Thanks, the “Quick Start” section has been updated! See

Remote Development — PlatformIO latest documentation this site sucks does not make sense at all, no description how to install the agent

Not even under the ‘Installation’ heading?? Remote Development — PlatformIO latest documentation

PIO Remote is built into PlatformIO IDE. Please open PlatformIO IDE Terminal and run pio remote --help command for usage (see platformio remote).

If you do not have PlatformIO IDE, or use Cloud IDE or a card-sized PC (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, etc.), please install PlatformIO Core (CLI).

In other words, install PlatformIO either via an IDE extension, or the standalone CLI version, as the remote agent is builtin.