How to install esp_system.h

I am new to PIO, trying to move an esp32 project that uses the hardware timer from the Arduino IDE to VS Code.
At this stage the code is a simple test that sets a watchdog timer that is reset every time a button is pressed, it will be used later as part of a UI timeout.
Using the Arduino IDE 2.1.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 it all works fine uploads and runs. I want to move my code over to VS Code 1.77.3 for the better facilities and to use github.
The timer library is needed, on the Arduino IDE it is included by #include <esp_system.h> so I can use all the timer functions such as timerAttachInterrupt etc.
When I moved over to VS Code, I need to include the library, but when I go the PIO Home then Libraries and search I do not find the library, same for esp_system. How do I install esp_system to that VS Code can use the Timer library.
I have seached extensively but not found out how to do this, any guidance will be appreciated.

That’s not what I’m seeing in the esp_system.h file.

Functions like timerAttachInterrupt are defined in

which is already auto-included by Arduino.h per

So, no installation of external libraries is required to use timerAtachInterrupt, a simple #include <Arduino.h> already suffices.

You are right, thank you for pointing this out. :flushed: