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How to increase stack and heap size on nucleo_f030r8

Hi all,

I’m facing weired issues and want to try increasing stack and heap.

I found .ld script in .platformio/packages/framework-arduinoststm32/variants/STM32F0xx/F030R8T

But changing does not increase stack.

I’m checking the size with:

	/* get stack size */
	volatile uint16_t i = ((uint16_t)((uint32_t)&_Min_Stack_Size));

i is always 1024.

Where can I increase the stack?



This symbol is constant, you cannot change it. Make a copy of Arduino_Core_STM32/ldscript.ld at main · stm32duino/Arduino_Core_STM32 · GitHub in the project folder’s root under a different name (e.g. custom_ldscript.ld), change the values as you want, and set

; add this folder to the linker paths so that ld script can be found
build_flags = -L.
; redirect ldscript
board_build.ldscript = custom_ldscript.ld


Thank you Mr. @maxgerhardt ! Good to know.