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How to include path ?!

Good afternoon !

I am trying to make some sort of circular stack that should let me add an element at the top, read elements from top to bottom, and eliminate (only when the stack is full) the element at the bottom.
In this regard I thought of adding the C++ Standard Template Library to my code so that I can use a Deque or a Stack.

The only template library I found was Embedded Template Library by John Wellbelove and I’m using it with lib_deps =

But I don’t know how to include what I need in order for it to work.

This is what the creator of the library said:

You need to set the path to the ETL’s “include” directory as one of the projects addition include paths so that you can say
#include “etl/deque.h”

How can I do that ?

Here’s the project’s folder:

Try to replace line #8 with #include <etl/deque.h>.

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