How to import IMU data (received through PlatformIO project) into the other c++ project in the VS code

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I am working on a Visual Inertial odometry project using the OpenCV library.
The aim of the project is to use Arduino for inertial measurements and my laptop webcam as a monocular camera sensor. I have already set up a project for receiving camera frames directly from the webcam and now I have set up the PlatformIO project to receive the IMU data from Arduino. Now I want to import the IMU data from the PlatformIO project to my camera project environment to perform the sensor fusion. Is there any tutorial or guide which I can follow to solve such problems? In the end, the final project should collect the data from IMU and Camera at specified time steps. Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

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Weird wording. You mean, you have created a PlatformIO project, aka a firmware, that makes the Arduino read IMU data and send it to your computer using, I guess Serial?

With that set up, you can use the APIs of your operating system (or an abstracting library like this) to read data from the serial port like the PlatformIO serial monitor would, and process the data as needed.