How to have custom Zephyr boards locally in project?

I’m new to PlatformIO, but I got it to work with STM32 and ZephyrOS on my custom hardware. However, the instructions i followed told me to put my custom zephyr board files in my ~/.platformio/packages/framework-zephyr/boards/arm/<name> folder. But I would like to have the whole project contained in one repository in git. How do I do that? When just using Zephyr before, I could do that by putting those files in the root of my source project boards/arm/<name>. But that doesn’t seems to work when using PlatformIO.

Not necessary. See official blog post and tutorial Enabling PlatformIO and Zephyr on custom hardware | PlatformIO Labs.

Boards can be put into the project folder’s zephyr/boards/ (and then arm/ in your case) directory, too.

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Thank you! I probably read that post a bit sloppy.