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How to get data in pio Monitor when whindows 10 device manager shows a "Board CDC" and not a COM

I am new on platformio.
I use Windows 10 and a RP2040 board (similar to rapsberry pi pico).
I use the arduino framework with the wizio-pico extension because I would like to use some SDK functions.
Here is my platformio.ini file

platform = wizio-pico
board = raspberry-mstrens
framework = arduino

;monitor_port = 
;monitor_speed = 115200

build_flags = -D LIB_PICO_STDIO_USB

When I upload a minimal sketch (e.g. hello word) and connect the USB cable, I do not find a COM port in windows device manager but a device named “Board CDC”.

I would like to know how I could get the USB/serial data in the platformIO Monitor.
Do I have to fill+activate the line “monitor_port =” in ini file (and how) or do I have to upload some extra soft/driver on windows (and which one)?

I solved the issue. I used Zadig to assign ‘Board CDC’ device with a driver named Serial USB (available in the drop list of all drivers).
Board CDC appears in Zadig when the RP2040 USB is connected and in Zadig option, ‘List all devices’ is selected.