How to get bi-directional terminal

i use Ubuntu 20.04, VSCode+Platformio. Migrating from Arduino.
Coding + uploading in VSCode+Platformio works fine now. I even defined a terminal speed in the .ini file.

My problem is that the " Miniterm" terminal shows output from my program but i can’t send commands to my program like it worked before in the Arduino.

I have a simple AT communication program for sending commands via a passthrough wireless serial transceiver. In Arduino this works all fine.

Anybody any tips how to use the “miniterm” terminal for sending commands ?
Thank you in advance.

Any character you type is sent instantly via the serial adapter. Except for when the send_on_enter filter is active.

This was already discussed at e.g. Send data to Serial monitor in Arduino.

Thank you very much for your quick response !

I looked whole afternoon for a solution in VScode, but it is a Platfomio setting…

I added the “monitor_flags = --echo” to the Platformio.ini file

and now it works oke.

Even communication with the other board goes well