How to fix "ISR not in IRAM"

Foolishly i just did upgrade and i’m already having some issues with this when i try to upload one big project. I get this error “ISR not in IRAM” and the ESP8266 starts rebooting.

  1. Is there a way to revert the platform on the version before to avoid this issue?

I tried something like this but it didn’t help

  1. Is there any bugfix for this?

thnx guys

Just platform = espressif8266@2.0.4 in your platformio.ini

Add ICACHE_RAM_ATTR as seen in Using interrupts with a Node MCU - Programming Questions - Arduino Forum from 2 months ago.

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For reference, it’s also mentioned in the v2.5.1 notes… although it is obscure…

  • ISR code must be in ICACHE_RAM (#6002)
  • ISR: check for address in IRAM (#5995)