How to find unused variables etc

Modern compilators, like Java, .NET have warnings like “variable xyz is not used” or “variable xyz is assigned but not used”. As I understand, it is impossible for C++ compiler used in PlatformIo. Maybe someone knows a plugin (or something similar) to check a code for unused variables and other “trash” fragments?

Wut? That’s a standard warning in every good C/C++ compiler, especially the GCC toolchains used in PlatformIO.

See with

  • -Wunused-parameter
  • -Wunused-variable
  • -Wunused-value

All of these warnings are enabeld with -Wunused, or better yet, just through -Wall -Wextra at the problem. You can activate these additional warnings in the build_flags, unless some builder script has turned them of by using the -w option (“Inhibit all warnings”).

You can see which compiler flags are used with project-tasks → Advanced → Verbose Build.

In addition to that, PlatformIO’s built in code checkers (cppcheck) should also catch this. See pio check and Static Code Analysis — PlatformIO latest documentation.

Thank you. It does work!