How to delete a project created from an Arduino sketch?

Not sure this is VSCode question or PlatformIO. I have never used VSCode or PlatformIO before. Trying out PlatformIO with VSCode. Created a project from an Arduino sketch and compiled and tested. Now I want to delete the project but cannot find the directory where it is created and do not see any option in VSCode to get rid of the project. Searched my home directory(Linux) for a file name matching the project name in PlatformIO, but no go.
Please help.

You could try to run pio home and then look at the Projects menu. It let’s you open the project and you could probably find out the directory it resides in there, too.

On my Mac pio can be found in /opt/homebrew/bin/pio. I installed it using brew install platformio though so depending on your system and way of installing it, you might have to look elsewhere.