How to create custom launch tasks?

I am working on a cross-platform project that requires me to build, run and debug my codebase on various embedded boards as well as on desktop computers. This is a bit tricky, though, because PlatformIO keeps rebuilding the launch.json file in VSCode overwriting any custom launch configurations that may have been added.

Is there a way to properly and permanently add an additional LLDB desktop launch configuration to PlatformIO so that I can select whether I want to run any of my embedded builds or a desktop build?

Does this help at all? I have been meaning to give it a try to see what it actually does, but having quite got there yet…

Not from what I can tell. This is to create custom tasks and yes, it works. However, launch configurations are entirely separate from tasks from what I can tell, so that this does not help with my actual problem.
The launch.json is automatically generated by PIO and I do not know where it actually retrieves the information from so it is not possible to add or modify these launch configurations. :frowning:

No one has had the need to create custom launch tasks before?

launch.json is created from the template file located at You can add static new content to that. On your computer it should be under <home directory/.platformio/penv/Lib/site-packages/platformio/ide/tpls/vscode/.vscode


Thanks so much for tip! Couldn’t find the file at first but then located it in <home directory/.platformio/penv/Lib/Python2.7/site-packages/platformio/ide/tpls/vscode/.vscode instead.
Made the change and it works!!! :slight_smile:

This answer looks to be out of date. What’s the modern equivalent? Thanks

Currently the specified path does not exist.
Can you you please update the current valid path?

I found the path located at :