How to compile Raspberry Pi Pico .pio files?

Is there a way to include in a platformio Pico/RP2040 project also .pio files? (For the programmable I/O state machines of the Pico)

For example

I am using @wizio ‘baremetal’ distribution but other distributions should also be ok.

Supported per Wiz-IO’s documentation.

board_build.pio = 

I do not see it supported in PlatformIO’s raspberry platform.

Thanks @maxgerhardt, this is exactly what I was looking for. I will give it a try.

Anyway way I look, I get back to WizIO’s ‘baremetal’. The Pico C++ SDK is too difficult to install, at least on windows, and the official Pico framework does not support the full SDK.

I hope that will adopt WizIO’s ‘baremetal’ as an official environment or provide a similar one.

Issues Support .pio assembly files · Issue #10 · platformio/platform-raspberrypi · GitHub and Add baremetal as framework · Issue #4 · platformio/platform-raspberrypi · GitHub are open for that, so I hope they get addressed.

Thanks @maxgerhardt! I just tried WizIO’s pio support and it’s very nice. It create a *.h file in the source directory which makes it very accessible.

BTW, is it a good idea to add also a feature request for a ‘baremetal’ Pico env with full SDK compatibility?

Meaning what exactly? Isn’t that just compiling with the SDK ‘available’ but not using it?

Not really. Some Pico examples wouldn’t compile with the Arduino variant, or any implicit resource allocation and initialization done by the Arduino framework, no the unavailability of main().