How to Compile a Marlin Firmware .hex File in PIO

New to PlatformIO and using a Mac with Visual Studio PIO install.

How do I compile a .hex file to flash a Marlin build for a 3D printer and where do I find the file on my system? Sorry but I have tried google searches and this forum but nothing seems to make sense or work for me. If you have a helpful solution, please elaborate on steps as I think I am missing something along the way. I read one post explaining to change part of a line in a file called “” from ELF to HEX but was unable to locate this file on my mac.

EDIT: I did find a post regarding how to find files that start with a “.” on a mac by pressing [Command]+[Shift]+[.] in the folder for my marlin build. I was able to find this .hex file (see screen shot), would this be the file I am looking for?
Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 11.55.52 am
(Probably answered my own question but would still appreciate the confirmation)

Appreciate the help. Cheers.

This is the compiled firmware as a hex file, yes.

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Thank you for confirming this. Hopefully this may help others with the same question in future.

Thanks again :slight_smile: