How to check the #define state in the program code via platform.ini?

The question is in the title.
I learned to do the opposite. Now I need to check, eg,

#define DRIVER_ILI9341 1

in the code before compilation and execute this or that script after compilation.
Is this possible?

Yes, Marlin already does this. It invokes the compiler with a special -E flag that outputs what macros are set to what value after parsing one .h or .c file (source). Assuming you want to write an extra_script which checks if a macro was set in one particular header file and then execute one action or another, Marlin’s script is a good starting point.

I understand python very poorly. Probably after bash scripting in Linux. Please show me how to use this? Sorry, I’m ashamed :flushed:.

I’ve setup a minimal project at GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-check-flags: An example project that shows how to check if a certain macro is active in a file..

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This is exactly what I wanted, thanks a lot!