How to check esp32arduino project partition sizes?

I’m trying to find a way of organizing my esp32 arduino project and I want to know how much space is each partition using
When building/Flashing the project, I can see the used RAM and Flash. However, Flash size is showing a total of 1310720, which, according to the default esp32 arduino partition table, is the size of one of the app partitions.
However, I want to check how much of the other partitions my project is using, since I know at least one of the libraries (AsyncElegantOTA) is using some of the OTA partition.
I also want to understand how to organize the space better.

Is this possible?

The usage of the other partitions cannot be known at compile time – you only know the sizes they’re allocated at. Whether and how much data is written in the app1 partition depends on the code of that library you’re using. PlatformIO compiles the only application (app0 normally) and you get the compile-time usage of that.

If OTA app partitions are found in the partition table, the bootloader consults the ota_data partition to determine which one should be booted.