How to change the background color of PlatformIO?

Hi, I changed the background color of vscode, as the picture illustrated. But the PlatformIO hasn’t changed. Is there anyway to make the PlatformIO use the color theme of vscode?

It doesn’t look like there is a ready made way to alter the colours / theme of PIO home yet. But it can be done if you are willing to tinker.

Go to $HOME\.platformio\packages\contrib-piohome (use %userprofile% instead of $HOME if on windows), and you’re interested in index.html and the themes directory.

The themes directory has the css files for the light and dark themes that platformio already has (the code in index.html tries to detect if either the dark or light themes are in use).


So it would just be a matter of coping one of the existing css files, and modifying it to fit your chosen colour theme. You may be able to name the css file platformio-themename.css and it just work, or you might need to either
a) edit the index.html file to hard code it, or
b) backup and overwrite the platformio-dark.css theme file since the detection code defaults to that.

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Hi, pfeerick, thank you for giving me the detailed instructions.
Wish PlatformIO add this feature in the future release.
Best regards.

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