How to build or copy after build in additional directory?

usually after building any project generated file “firmware.bin” is located under “.pioenvs / board” folder.
Is there a way to specify different folder for that output file?

Is there a way after producing such output file to copy it somewhere else( shared folder for example)?

Let me know what would be the best approach to achieve it.


See Redirecting...

Hello Ivan,
thanks for pointing that out… but I was already trying to understand this particular documentations, but I was not able to understand what exactly I have to do…
Any help or example will be appreciated.

Put to platformio.ini this

envs_dir = custom_dir


Thanks a lot !
How we can achieve - remain the default build in the default folder and add additional folder for generation or copy?

You need Redirecting... where you can write own logic when build process is successed.

Sorry to dig this up, I am not able to get this working, I want the build directory to appear in a visible directory, I set it like this


I assumed build files will start appearing under mybuildfiles, but it is still going inside .pio

Can you advise what is incorrect

Have you tried what build_dir from the documentation?

build_dir = mybuildfiles

in the platformio.ini. This will puit all build files in the folder, as if it were .pio\build. As ivan said above, if you want to copy specific files, a python script is needed.

Many thanks, that sorted it