How to add STM32F411VET6 Board?

Hello Guys

I got a STM32F411VET6 Chip on a Custom PCB. Is it possible to add this Chip to the boradselection?


The disco_f411ve board already exists and has this exact chip. If you want to reference a custom-made Arduino variant or macros for it, you can duplicate that file under some different name, adapt the fields as needed, put it in the boards/ folder of the project and reference it in the platformio.ini as needed.

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Is it as easy as it sounds? :slight_smile: is there any guide?

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There’s Custom Embedded Boards — PlatformIO latest documentation and boards_dir but it’s very general. A few of the attributes in the board.json file are custom per platform (like: product_line) and are used by the Python builder code, so they don’t show up in that documentation. However, since you have an exact match on the processor in an existing board file, you don’t need to worry about those.