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How to add Particle Argon (nRF52) variant

Hi, I’d like to add the Particle Argon (nRF52840) Arduino variant to Platform IO. I therefore made a PR at Which was no accepted to my surprise because Adafruit does not want to accept new nRF52 boards in their codebase anymore. They only accept the ones they produce themselfs. The Particle Xenon board from the same family was added at the time, but it looks like they changed policy.

Regarding PlatformIO…
I already created a “fork” including the Argon from your code base and created a fork of the nRF52 platform I locally tested both and they seem to work fine.

Is there a way to directly add to the PlatformIO “framework-arduinoadafruitnrf52” code base? What options are there?

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Based on the AVR and SAMD platform integrations, I think it’s best to give forked cores their own package and reference them in the platform and builder scripts as such.

@erich trying to contact you about this. I’m keen to make this variant for B5SOM + Arduino. Can I connect with you to work out how to locally create this? Thank you