How to add non-platformio libraries

I have found some libraries I would like to use in Platformio. They are both related to the Teensy 3.6. One is TeensyDelay, and the other is IntervalTimer. These libraries both work fine in the Arduino IDE, but won’t compile under Platformio. It seems they need some other include modules that PIO can’t find, but Arduino can, specifically kinetis.h, core_pins.h, and algorithm (without the .h extension). I managed to find the first two in the Teensy cores module, but have had no joy with “algorithm”.
What do I need to do to get these libraries to work in PIO?

#include <algorithm> comes from the C++ standard library ( What’s the C++ --std option you’re compiling with? Can you share a minimal program and the full platformio.ini?

Hi Max,
My program has nothing in it except the #includes for the libraries; IntervalTimer and TeensyDelay.
Since you mentioned platformio.ini I double checked it. It is setup for Arduino Uno, so I tried another test with Teensy3.6 in the ini file, and it compiled fine. So I guess that’s the problem, these libraries can’t be used with an Uno. I guess PIO doesn’t include the relevant C++ libraries for the AVR boards? Or 8 bit boards?..
Anyway, problem solved. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
:wink: Ian