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How to add KConfig for library?

How to add Config parameters of my library to menuconfig list?
Look like pio ignoring KConfig of libraries…

Not reproducable. From the example which has a KConfig in the aws component folder, that is well visible in the menuconfig.


Since you haven’t shown a copy of the library or the project, I can’t find out much more about the problem.

esp32-camera by Espressif Systems · Libraries · PlatformIO

Installed by VSC PlatformIO UI. But Menu-config haven’t Camera options.

PlatformIO only seems to pick up KConfig’s when it’s in the component folder of the project. The instructions in the library thus tell you to append the KConfig of the project in src/ with the KConfig of the library.


I’ve opened to improve autodetection, but this works just like the library’s README page says for now.

Exactly this.

PS. Some times my menuconfig start like your - yellow/gray UI. But in this UI Arrows keys not work. How to resolve? I use pio run -t manuconfig - then menu config starts in classik Kernel Config UI (blue/gray) where Arrow keys are works.


Oh that’s a really interesting observation… I never noticed that.

Why LittleFS’ kConfig add LittleFS submeny to ROOT tree, but LVGL’s KConfigs add Menues to Components node? Why?!?!