How to add framework to board config

I want to use pio to code for esp32dev board, and would like to use pumbaa framework (for micropython).
But I see that only arduino and esp-idf frameworks are supported.

The pumbaa website indicates that ‘esp32devkitc’ and nano32 are supported, although the author has made
substantial changes to the micropython-esp32 source. So it might work.

How do I add pumbaa to the list of frameworks supported for esp32dev?

Need to ask @eerimoq to add support for this board.

How long might that take?

Actually, after OP, I concluded I might be able to lie to pio that the board is a nano32,
since the only differences appear to be board edge pin assignments and the usb-uart chip.

I assume the esp-idf code will not refer to board edge pins, although arduino and micropython
may well do so.

On another note I see that micropython, espressif and pycom are trying to merge their efforts to obtain
a standard micropython port for esp32. When they succeed, pumbaa’s micropython will presumably be obsolete.


sorry for the late response. I’ve been quite busy lately and have not been answering to questions in the forum.

You’re right, the microcontroller on all ESP32 boards are identical, so selecting the Nano32 board should work. I should probably add a bunch of boards to the PlatformIO build system, but it takes time which I don’t have atm.

Pumbaa and other MicroPython frameworks are quite different. They are all based on the MicroPython interpreter, but the hardware drivers modules and classes are quite different. Pumbaa’s drivers maps one-to-one with Simba’s drivers, while the default MicroPython drivers has another interface, often unique per board. I think MicroPython are trying to unify the drivres (machine module) to make scripts portable over a range of boards, but I don’t know the progress.

Pumbaa will never be obsolete, it’s just an alternative to standard MicroPython.