How to add "execute" to command palette for Native build?

Hi! I actively use Native to develop GUI without bare metal. That’s very convenient, but it’s a bit boring to execute binary manually from terminal.

Is it possible to add PlatformIO: Execute to Terminal -> Run Task list for native build (exec should run buid if needed)? Via advanced scripting, for example. I also need to modify this command with additional params (for example, to add some hacks).

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Have you tried to create a custom task? PlatformIO IDE for VSCode — PlatformIO latest documentation

You can even implement own upload target via extra script and use it.

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I currently stay with this task dispenser/tasks.json at master · puzrin/dispenser · GitHub. But it has side-effect (not critical): build step never skipped and leave one more terminal window to close in the end.

If this can be improved - let me know.

Because dependsOn? Do you need it?

If binary not exists or outdated, i need to auto-build project when execute requested.

If this can be achieved in more transparent way instead of dependsOn, let me know.