How to adapt to a new MCU

I have an MCU(air001,it very hot in china) that has adapted to Arduino that is not mainline, I would like to learn how to adapt it to the Platfromio platform, can you help me?

Do you have any links to the vendor of this MCU?


Firstly, thank you very much for your attention,
This mcu is only sold for 10 cents from a well-known Chinese manufacturer called “openluat”;
Then you can check the“ View relevant details;
And in the“芯片数据手册1.0.2.pdf ”Find the data table;

They have their own adaptation to adruino, and the project address is“ GitHub - Air-duino/Arduino-AirMCU: Arduino core for the Air MCU. ”;
The most important thing is that they also provide KEIL adaptation“

Still not supported?

I have one of their LTE modules which use LuatOS and still struggling to get basic support. AFAIK they offer chat and forum support, which both of them require a WeChat account to sign up.

As for now, for me the lack of support outweigh the low-cost factor.

It seems they are focusing on the domestic market in mainland China (?). I wish they were opening up to a wider market, starting with creating proper English documentation. Or maybe I need to start learning Chinese :slight_smile: