How set PlatformIO.ini file for debug ESP32 Ethernet kit?


I have ESP32 Ethernet kit v1.1 board.

This board have integrate jtag system and have two serial port.

One for program and one for jtag debug.

My question is: what write in PlatformIO.ini file for use this debug?


The board has an on-board FT2232HL chip, just like the ESP-WROVER-KIT. So the debugging is already configured because the debug_tool is already set to ftdi (ref) if you use that board. Otherwise it would have to be manually set (read the docs here and here)

Make sure to read the documentation for configuration. Windows needs Zadig, Mac Os needs driver loads. Both is also described in articles available online. This assumes VSCode as the IDE – other IDEs differ.

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Oh and also, you must of course flip the DIP switches on the board so that the FTDI chip is connected to the JTAG signals of the ESP32 - ESP32-Ethernet-Kit V1.2 Getting Started Guide - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation.

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If I have correctly understand the port that will work as jtag debug must have winusb driver instead of classic usb lib

If you use Windows, yes. The artcle posted above explains it well for Windows + VSCode, too.

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