How many Bytes takes platformio IDE download

Hi all, I’m glad to join to this community and I hope you all started the week in excellente way.

I need to install platformio IDE on windows 64 bits and debian 64 bits but my internet conection is slow and measured so it eventually dies to the next month. My question here is how many bytes takes the platformio download?, beacause right now I’ve about 5.3 GB for month…beleave it or not.

NOTE: I’ve read this thread (PlatformIO CLI and IDE Bundle for offline installation) so I know that it doesn’t exist an offline installer.

Thanks in advance for the help.

As said here, it all depends on what platforms and libraries you download. Depending on that, compilers, frameworks, upload tools etc will be downloaded. So what exactly are you using?

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I need to program PICs and ESP8266.

So what frameworks and upload tools? Espressif 8266 — PlatformIO latest documentation

And are we talking about the PIC32s?

Thanks for the link and right now PIC24EP

This chip is not supported currently. How did you get it working?

I haven’t, I’m asking because I’m evaluating if its possible to change of IDE but by your answer I know That is not possible right now

how can I know if my microcontroller has been added to the supported ones?, there is a list somewhere

You mean like this one?