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How do you change the theme?

I cannot read grey text on a black background. My eyes are too old. I cannot use a dark theme.

Color themes in VSCode (I assume you’re using VSCode) are handled by VSCode. It’s changable as seen in the VSCode documentation: You might like “Light+”.

Thanks, that looks better, but the pio home screen is still dark. Can ttthat be changed?

According to How to change the background color of PlatformIO? PIO should automatically pick up on the used theme and use platformio-dark.css or platformio-light.css. Have you tried to restart VSCode? If that doesn’t work, you can hack the index.html file as referenced in the link and modify the

link.href = './themes/' + workspace + '-' + theme + '.css';

line to e.g. just

link.href = './themes/' + workspace + '-light.css';

I refreshed it. Thanks that worked.