How do you change the theme?

I cannot read grey text on a black background. My eyes are too old. I cannot use a dark theme.

Color themes in VSCode (I assume you’re using VSCode) are handled by VSCode. It’s changable as seen in the VSCode documentation: Visual Studio Code Themes. You might like “Light+”.

Thanks, that looks better, but the pio home screen is still dark. Can ttthat be changed?

According to How to change the background color of PlatformIO? - #2 by pfeerick PIO should automatically pick up on the used theme and use platformio-dark.css or platformio-light.css. Have you tried to restart VSCode? If that doesn’t work, you can hack the index.html file as referenced in the link and modify the

link.href = './themes/' + workspace + '-' + theme + '.css';

line to e.g. just

link.href = './themes/' + workspace + '-light.css';

I refreshed it. Thanks that worked.