How do I use upgrade command but without going to beta?

Whenever I do “Upgrade PlatformIO Core” (menu) or run “pio upgrade” from a shell (both inside VSCode), it always only gets me to the beta version. How do I not install the beta and just use the latest non-beta release? Or does this require an uninstall-reinstall step? (I was trying to avoid that.)

Note: This is a VSCode install and I have not installed via pip or brew (i.e. pip show platformio and brew info platformio show as not installed).
Note 2: I did do a bunch of searching.

Please ensure that platformio-ide.useDevelopmentPIOCore is unchecked, set to false. Now, please remove %HOME%/.platformio/penv folder. Restart VSCode.

Does it use stable PlatformIO Core now?

That was unchecked for me. Deleting the penv/ folder did it. Thank you!