How do I use Flash 16MB on the uPesy ESP32 Wrover DevKit board?

You are using the ESP32-Wrover-E 16MB module. My default is 4MB, but how do I change it to 16MB?

Which part are you talking about?

Is this a partition item? Even if you apply the partition as 16MB, espool shows 4MB, and when you upload it to ESP32, a watchdog occurs.

When I read with ESP.getFlashChipSize(), it reads Flash: 16777216, so I think 16MB is correct.

Technically it’s listed in the board documentation but very hidden. This tells you that you can override attributes from the original board’s JSON file. And with e.g.

So you can add

board_upload.flash_size = 16MB

to the platformio.ini. maximum_size will be updated in accordance to the chosen partition table.

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