How do I update arduino board mgr when xx.json used to install originally?

Several months ago, I followed Adafruit’s instructions to install the Arduino support for the Huzzah32 ESP32 board. It worked fine and I’ve been developing code just fine ever since.Those instructions called for going to Preferences, and adding a xxx.json link for the board manager.

Since I didn’t use the “Github” method, how do I update the Arduino IDE for the latest ESP32 firmware? Adafruit provided a new .json link - do I just change the link in Preferences?

Also, will any libraries installed the first time be retained?


You talk about Arduino IDE and its JSON format… This PlatformIO and we don’t support that manifest. We have own manifest for dev/platform. If you need to update dev/platform, please open PlatformIO IDE > PIO Home > Platforms > Updates.

Do you happen to know where I should ask that question? The Arduino forum directed me here (apparently wrongly). Thanks.

Do you use PlatformIO IDE or Arduino IDE?

I’m using Arduino IDE

You need this A professional collaborative platform for embedded development · PlatformIO

Unless I’m missing something (and that’s definitely possible), that information is for installing/updating/using the PlatformIO IDE, not Arduino IDE independently