How do I override a platformio framework?


I’m using platformio for teensy development (awesome!).

The latest version of the framework-arduinoteensy in platformio is 1.27 and I’d like to try out 1.28 now, ahead of the regular platformio release. How do I override the version that platformio provides with one of my own choosing?

On top of this, there’s a pre-release version of the cores component of that framework that I’d also like to test with.

What’s the cleanest way to switch between versions of frameworks?


Thanks a lot that you use PlatformIO :slight_smile:

Really, you need PlatformIO 3.0 but it has not been released yet. In this case, please place Teensy 1.28 to ~/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoteensy

Ha, ok! I did know where those files were, but wasn’t sure if it was safe to mess with them directly in the .platformio directory.

Looking forward to 3.0! Is there any information about the upcoming release (dates, other features, etc?)

Take a look at this topic URGENT: The further fate of PlatformIO Project... Part II - #10 by DavidPowell

You will be able to do this with PlatformIO Core 4.0:

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