How do i know which library to include?


New to Platformio here - done lots of work in the past with Arduino IDE.

I have picked up a package from Github that has been published - i wish to use this as the basis for my project going forward.

However it looks like it was a pure Arduino project and he then migrated to Platformio as he has not explicitly identified the included libraries.

This is the project in question

I have raised an issue with the Dev.

I have through trial and error worked through most of the initial build errors and found libraries (that on face value appear to work) - however the MQTT one is throwing errors - is it just a matter of trial and error to try and identify the correct library to include in my project ?


And this is exactly why global libraries and global state are poison. Libs should be declared per-project to make it clean. I don’t get the “it’s confortable” aspect at all.

Without info available in the platformio.ini, yeah. Although looking at what obejcts are instantiated from that library, you can narrow it down. The MQTTClient object very likely comes from the standard Arduino-MQTT library. So writing (or adding to, if there are existing libs)

lib_deps =

should be tried.

Thanks - will give it a go and see how i go.


Compiles for me when I add

lib_deps =


Thanks for that – I have included those in the platformio.ini file for the project and I get 11 problems when I compile/build – they are only warning level – did you also get this ?

My wandering blindly in the desert had gotten most of the way to what you posted – although all of mine had versions numbers on them as well (so I removed those and went with your text block)

Thanks for all the help on this