How do I find the IP address for ESP32

Hi. Thought I would give Platform IO a spin. Looks good. Still finding my way around though.
One thing I can’t figure is how to find the IP address for the ESP32. On the Arduino IDE just opened the serial monitor and restart the 32 and it was there. Doesn’t appear to be the same with IO unless I missed something.

You can have the ESP32 print its WiFi-local IP address itself:


You can also access your home router and check the list of DHCP leases. Consult your router’s manual to check how to access it.

If the ESP32 automatically announced itself via mDNS (aka ZeroConf aka Bonjour), you can use the mDNS explorer of your system to search for it. (e.g. bonjourbrowser for Windows, avahi-discover for Linux, built-in for Mac). I don’t know if mDNS announcments happens automatically or only if you use libraries like OTA.

PlatformIO doesn’t have the feature auf auto-discovering ESP32s on the network, as far as I know.

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Ok, thank you.My next option was to have the ESP32 print itself, just was a familiar option I had used before.