How do I debug a custom target?

I’m trying to add a new custom target to my project via a python script referenced by the extra_scripts. I have two other scripts that are showing up fine, but I can’t figure out why this new script won’t show up. It doesn’t show up in the Project Tasks panel or when using --list-tasks from the CLI. What is the easiest way to debug this? I tried the verbose option for --list-tasks, but that didn’t give me any further information.


If you remove your previous scripts does it show up?

What’s the exact code?

I don’t think PlatformIO has facilities for debugging extra_scripts live.

Well… now I feel like an idiot. I was going to go “turn off” the other scripts and just noticed that I had a capital “L” in the new script name rather than the correct lower-case “l”. I guess I just needed to stop staring at it in order for the problem to clear up.

Thanks for the offer to help and apologies for the false alarm.