How can i use arduino as UART to USB converter while uploading code to ESP32CAM?

Earlier, i was using arduino IDE for my project and i was using an arduino to upload my code to ESP32CAM. Here is how i was doing that: (How to program ESP32 CAM using Arduino UNO - YouTube)

I want to use platformio but i dont know how to upload an example code. I dont have FTDI converter. Can i use an arduino as UART to USB converter? How can i do that?

Connect it exactly as in the video you linked. The Arduino Uno will be picked up as a serial port and be automatically used by PlatformIO for uploading, there’s no difference here or special configuration needed.

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I tried it yesterday but uploading stuck in “connecting …-----…”
I pressed reset button on esp32cam but nothing changed.
I assume that it is related platformio.ini i changed nothing in that. Can you help me?

Did you have GPIO0 <–> GND connected before you plugged the board into power?

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Yes i did that. Also, I was doing that connection while i was using Arduino IDE.

Hmm – I would suggest to powercycle the board again (while GPIO0 <-> GND is connected) and try uploading again. If it still fails, add a upload_port = COM3 (or whatever upload port you chose in the Arduino IDE) to make double-sure that PlatformIO uses the same port. Can the Arduino IDE still upload in the current setup?

I checked everything and realized my jumper was broken. Thanks for the advice