How can I define the Espressif API version to use?


In my project with the “esp32cam” board I also use the “ledc” driver.
So far I have chosen the arduino framework, which integrates the Espressif API V4.4.7.

I would like to use the new functions of the API V5.2.2.

What is the best way to proceed?

Thanks for your tips

I’m not sure which API is used in the Arduino framework.
I looked at the LEDC sources from API V5.2.2 and learned how to change the pin number for an LEDC channel.

Your question is not clear to me.

You’ll find the available Arduino and ESP-IDF versions here

platform = espressif32 @ 6.7.0:

Arduino - v2.0.16 (based on IDF v4.4.7)

Arduino 2.x is based on ESP-IDF 4.4
Arduino 3.x (not yet available on PlatformIO) will be based on ESP-IDF 5.x

The ESP-IDF version listed in the release notes is for pure ESP-IDF (framework = espidf) or Arduino as Component (framework = espidf, arduino) projects.

Thanks for the information.
Would I have found the version of the API used in the settings?

You’ll find it in the Changelog:

For the sake of simplicity, I have created a list of the versions.