Higher version of the compiler to support C++20 standard?

Hi, I am using my raspberry pi pico to developing with a library that needs a c++20 support.
However when I add the flag to switch to the gnu++2a in the platformio.ini, it still does not recognize the class
Is the compiler too old?
If yes, how should I upgrade?
If not, what should I do in this case?
Thank you

By default, PlatformIO uses arm-none-eabi GCC 9.2.1 for the raspberypi platform.

You are free to upgrade to one of the higher available versions, just like the documentation already says.

I tried to upgrade the compiler version.
When I try to compile it again, it suddenly begin to have lot more errors

This is the platformio.ini

It happened the same when I try this:

Weird. However, the library explicitly says

This library works for

That Arduino core is using a custom toolchain. Since support for Arduino-Pico is however not included in the standard PlatformIO platform, you’ll have to this fork. .

I.e., try this exact platformio.ini:

platform = https://github.com/maxgerhardt/platform-raspberrypi.git
; not: pico. Use the board associated with Arduino-Pico
board = rpipico
framework = arduino
; standard is already C++17, should work fine for this lib. No build_flags.

It failed at download :cry:

Then you have not yet enabled Win32 Long Paths. Tiny USB inside the Pico-SDK has absurdly long filenames.

It works! This help heaps! Thank you!