Help with Fuses Settings on Series 0, 1 (ATtiny1604)

I’m moving over to the newer UDPI series 0, 1 devices such as ATtiny402, Attiny1604.

I use PlatformIO as IDE generally as I find it integrates well with Arduino libraries and - well it’s better than Arduino IDE.

Back ‘in the old days’, when programming classic ATMEL devices such as ATtiny84, ATtiny85 - I could use Studio 7 to read and set fuse values by using a Pololu programmer emulating an STK500 via ISP. Studio 7 provided a neat Device Programming screen that read the fuses and described their value significance and allowed you to edit them (Sure, I bricked a few devices on the way).

I can’t find an equivalent GUI driven fuse reader / programmer for UPDI programmed devices.

The nearest I can get at setting these is using Arduino 1.8 and Dr Azzy’s megaTinyCore (well impressive piece of kit) ‘burn bootloader’ option.

Does anyone know of a fuse burner app that has a user friendly GUI that identifies what the fuse values represent but based on UPDI interface?