Help with a Plaform IO project I found on github - ESParkle


I found this project: GitHub - CosmicMac/ESParkle: MQTT driven visual & audio notifier, based on ESP8266. it looks great, so I am trying to make it.

I’ve put hardware together but I cannot figure out the platform IO side of things. I am very new to Arduino, and only started playing with Platform IO today, so please bare with me.

At first I was struggling with some deps, but I think I have those resolved. Now I am running into other compile errors. Before I go completely nuts trying to figure this out, could some kind soul spare 10 mins and see if they can actually get this to compile? There’s been no activity on it for some time, so I am thinking maybe outdated libs, functions etc are causing the issues.

Is this possible without the author updating code, or a write off?

Outdated libraries shouldn’t be an issue, as the author of that code did the right thing, and pinned the version of esp8266 core used, and all the library versions. It just looks like he got the ESP8266Audio library version wrong, and forgot to add ESP8266_Spiram…

After altering the platformio.ini (only changed the version number for ESP8266Audio and adding ESP8266_Spiram)

lib_deps =

and renaming config.h.SAMPLE to config.h the code compiled successfully. Whether it works is a different thing, and obviously the config.h hasn’t been configured correctly at all… but it compiles nonetheless! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, that’s done it! I am up and running!

I don’t know how stable it will be or how well some of the functions work, but I can say that mp3s from SPIFFS and controlling LEDs works fine.

Can I just ask, all the deps that Platform IO pulled in, are they in the project folder? Just thinking about being able to come back to this (ie. change of wifi details etc).

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Once PlatformIO has installed the libraries, they are all located in the %project_dir%.pio\libdeps%env_name% folder. So yes, they are all local, and in the project folder, and won’t clash with any other projects, etc.

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Great, thanks again :+1:

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