Help me to start with STM8 platform

Hi, I have small blue dev board with STM8S103F3P6 (from Aliexpress). I’ve found the examples from the link and I’m trying to upload native-blink example. The build is successful, but I can’t upload the firmware…
I’m using STLink V2 programmator and this is my .ini file:

platform = ststm8
board = stm8sblue
upload_protocol = stlinkv2

When I try to upload firmware I’m getting this error message:

Uploading .pio\build\stm8sblue\firmware.hex
Determine FLASH area

Due to its file extension (or lack thereof), “.pio\build\stm8sblue\firmware.hex” is considered as INTEL HEX format!

94 bytes at 0x8000... Tries exceeded
*** [upload] Error 4294967295

BTW where is button to insert code to the post disappeared?

To at least answer your last question :wink:

For your real problem - sorry no idea …

About the “how to post code” question:
Press [CTRL]+[E] on your keyboard or use the button shown below.

Haha, I know about that but as you can see, this icon disappeared :slight_smile:
ctrl+e is not working too.

What is listed when you click on the gear-icon?

Yes, it’s hidden there, thanks.
Now, anyone knows the answer for the main question?

When I worked with STM8 chips, some of them needed their flash explicitly unlocked.