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Help me build an electric car!

Thank you!
I achieved the objectives, and this time I’m putting it away to get to the next thing.
But I really wanted to dig into this.
I thought about what you and Norm said about debouncing, and it’s 5V going into the pot, and that’s why it’s noisy.
I’ve already put it away, so I won’t average the input at A1 until the next time I pull it out.
I am going to use average, but thanks for showing me the abs() bit.

Figure 1.3: RC Debouncing- breadboard layout I nd the circuit layout in Figure 1.2 to be perfectly adequate in debouncing switches when I’m not able or willing to use an MC14490P. If we are lacking in the components required to use hardware debouncing, we can still use software. However, before we delve into the software manner of debouncing a switch, we can take a look at the theory behind the time it takes to change and discharge

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Thanks. I’ll fix it.