Help for STM32L082

Hi, i’m quite new to platformIO, although i have been using it with an ESP8266 /w arduino framework.
Now i need to change to a STM32L082, but i’m having trouble finding support for this processor.

If anyone can point me on how to setup platformIO for this IC i would greatly appreciate it.
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Currently unsupported, but may be easily addable. Which framework do you want to use it with?

Hi. thanks for your prompt reply.

Arduino would be great.

I’ve been using platformIO with the esp8266 and arduino. Really enjoying the functionality.

I’ll look into it. Shouldn’t be harder than adding a new json file to platform-ststm32/boards at master · platformio/platform-ststm32 · GitHub and finding out the right flags for the maple/stm32 arduino core.

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Which chip exactly? STM32L082KB, STM32L082KZ, STM32L082CZ?


sorry for the delay. I believe it is the CZ variant.

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Update: I’ve hand-soldered a STM32L082KZ (CZ variant will be similiar in code…) on to a PCB and the SWD programmer sees it. So now I can start working on adding support for it.



(I also have a green USER_LED and a 8 MHz quartz crystal with loading caps to test HSE, not yet soldered on :wink: )

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Hi. That’s excellent. Thanks for your efforts.
One thing i should mention, we don’t have the ST - Link, we are using the DFU mode to program. I believe this means it has the bootloader programmed into it.
I’m quite new to the ST processors, sorry if that information is incomplete or causes inconvenience.
Thanks again, Damian

Ah, you mean the serial bootloader which you enter by pulling the BOOT0 pin in a specific position on reset. Yeah, that should work with PlatformIO out of the box, too. I’ll test it.

BTW do you have your own board? Because I didn’t see a readily available dev board for this MCU.

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yes correct - the serial bootloader.

yes we are using the Murata [CMWX1ZZABZ-078] which has the STM32… and a semtech sx1276 integrated.


I am planning to use platformIO with arduino for the STM32L082KZ.
Was the support for the STM32L082KZ added?

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Hi Gerhardt,

I read that you added the basic L082 to the platformio. I am also working on hardware in which we use the STM32L082 with Arduino framework. Would be great if you could share your info.