Help debugging C++

Running this code in Platformio ESP32-robot-car-controller/main.cpp at main · samuk/ESP32-robot-car-controller · GitHub

I get these errors

src/main.cpp:50:2: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘while’
while (!Wire.begin(I2C_SDA, I2C_SCL, 100000ul)) { // standard wire pins
src/main.cpp:55:5: error: ‘commander’ does not name a type
commander.addI2CMotors(TARGET_I2C_ADDRESS, 0); // only one motor in my test setup - *Need to add a second motor
src/main.cpp:56:5: error: ‘commander’ does not name a type
commander.addI2CMotors(TARGET_I2C_ADDRESS, 1); // Not sure if I’ve done this correctly
src/main.cpp:57:5: error: ‘commander’ does not name a type
src/main.cpp:58:5: error: ‘Serial’ does not name a type
Serial.println(“I2C Commander intialized.”);
src/main.cpp:59:1: error: expected declaration before ‘}’ token

Does anyone feel like helping me make it compile? My C++ isn’t up to it.

Start with the first error. The rest are usually related to that one.

Can you list the half dozen or so lines before the line that’s flagged up as “…required before while”. Thanks.


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This code makes no sense. The setup() function is closed on line 47 but then there’s this while loop just outside of any function, that’s not valid code. You may try to remove line 47.

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Nice that worked. It now compiles.


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Glad it’s sorted.

When debugging compiler errors, the first one usually causes many of the others, so never mind that you might have 200 errors (like I usually have!) the chances are that most will be resolved by fixing the first one.

Also, if the error messages says something is expected before something, have a look before the indicated line. That’s usually the reason. The compiler found something it wasn’t happy with and didn’t “understand” so it ignored everything until it managed to re-synchronise at the next, or a new, source line. Then it complains about not understanding something before that point.

It’s usually relatively easy when you get the hang of it.

Have fun.


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